10 rules at Børsmose

Please familiarize yourself with the standard rules available in the reception when checking in. Please don’t dig in the sand dunes, and stay on the trails when working in the sand dunes. Materials that are put out to stabilize the sand dunes may not be used for building fences. Be careful with fires as we are in the wild nature, and they potentially can be difficult to control.

Failure to comply with the following rules can lead to being expelled from the site
Electricity is for campers who need it
The distance between tents or campervans must be at least 3 meters. Equipment placed not following this rule will be removed.
At no place on the camping site will there be more than 100 meters to the nearest fire extinguisher. Please orientate yourself where the nearest is. The extinguishers and hoses can only be used in the case of a fire.
Bonfires are not allowed and combustible waste cannot be left or thrown on the site.
Cooking devices must be placed on a stable base at least 60 cm. from the walls of the tent.
In case of fire immediately alert the reception or call 112.
Ball games, drones, kites, etc. are only allowed outside the camping site.
Dogs are to be lead by leash, also when walking on trails in dunes and forest.
Scooters are not allowed inside the campingsite. Maximum speed for cars is 20 km/h. Between 22:00 and 07:00 no cars are allowed.
Children under 6 years can only use the toilets with an adult. It is permitted for children to play in the toilets and washing rooms.
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